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Reviews by: phatch

Terrible tools


Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: dull, work poorly.

I was given this as a gift. Sadly, the tools are poor for their purpose.   The paring knife is dull, the handle is sort of triangular in cross section and uncomfortable. The sheath is a good idea for a ceramic blade, but in the end it just didn't matter.    I had high hopes for the peeler. It is a right hand use only unlike most common peelers that are leftie friendly. And it too is dull. Struggles on cucumbers and largely failed on carrots. The idea of a ceramic peeler seems like a great combination, but this is a poor execution of the idea.   Maybe my set is a poor example but I'm not interested in finding out anymore. 

Best book for cutting the Salt


Pros: You'll learn good technique, and cut salt

Cons: Cuts too far and loses some satisfaction in doing ti.

A critically important book for anyone who needs to limit sodium. Many good ideas and adaptations as well as sound technique to help you cook well and still enjoy food. Mostly. He tends to cut fat to an extreme as well which hinders some of dishes from achieving their potential.   The baking section is extreme and not practical for many people in my opinion.   Many of the recommended products are hard to find, or changed since original publication.   Still, it was a very helpful resource at the time I first had to limit my sodium and one I recommend frequently even now. He's gone on to write a few other low sodium books, particularly on baking. I've not tried...
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ChefTalk.com › phatch › Reviews by phatch