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High Flying


Pros: Great photography, simple easy to prepare recipes

Cons: book contains less than 60 recipes

Tailgating, pub fare, appetizers, those are the first things that come to mind when one thinks of chicken wings.  Is that the only time you think of serving wings?  Well think again.  Wings , chicken or otherwise, can be a main dish as well as those snacks and appetizers, and Wings by Debbie Moose is a great place to find new and inventive pays to prepare them.    The book begins with the BFW, BRW, BGW recipes.  Those being the basic fried, roasted , and grilled wing traditional recipes as well as a few of the recipes we are more familiar with such as the Italian seasoning coating and the typical holiday party wings in sauce.  From there it goes on...
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Lost Little Gems


Pros: a fun read and many older family type recipes

Cons: not a traditional cookbook

     How many of you have picked up a cookbook in a yard sale or a second hand book shop and found a quickly scrawled recipe on a piece of paper tucked in the pages of the book?  It happens to me all the time.  I always consider it a bonus.  Usually someone, somewhere, thought enough of the recipe to take the time to jot it down.  That, to me, is quite an endorsement since I have to REALLY like the looks of a recipe or perhaps have tried it and fell in love with it before I will take the time to write it down.  Yes, Yes, I know, it’s the lazy in me coming out, but none the less true. Imagine, if you will, that you are NOT a cook but run a...
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Unique Perspective on Cooking and More


Pros: different and all but lost techniques and recipes

Cons: poor grammer and written in paragraph style

I love a book that teaches me something.  Yes it’s true and I will admit it, I don’t know everything.  In fact I couldn’t even get past the cover before I was learning with this book.  The subtitle “The Happy Luddite’s Guide to Domestic Self – Sufficiency” led me straight to the dictionary.  I am sure that at one time way back in my childhood the term Luddite must have come up in history class but alas it was no longer a part of my memory banks.  I discovered that a Luddite is defined by Merriam Webster’s dictionary as “one of a group of early 19th century English workmen destroying laborsaving machinery as a protest; broadly: one who is opposed to especially...
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Second Edition Worth a Second Look


Pros: excelent photography, useful wide ranging recipes

Cons: print face is small and can be diffitult to read

  Some of you have been following my struggle to find my cooking comfort zone with my newly found gluten free lifestyle.   Going gluten free isn’t as easy as one might think and many of the commercially prepared gluten free items are lacking in flavor, and tend to be dry, crumbly and well they are a poor alternative to the “real” breads and items made with regular flour.  My search for decent useable gluten free cookbooks has resulted in just a very small handful of books that are “ok”.   Those books can produce several decent recipes that either on their own or with some tweaks can produce items that are not awful to eat, but are rarely good enough to serve to...
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Where's the taste?


Pros: great photography, loads of recipe ideas, easy to find ingredients, good nutritional information

Cons: recipes need adding to make tasty

Casseroles have had a bad reputation over the years.  Personally I love a good casserole.  Those one dish wonders are not only a time saver for the busy homemaker they are a nutritious often delicious concoction of goodness.  I sincerely doubt most of us can honestly say that they grew up without eating a casserole or two that their mother placed on the table.  Why is it then, that we, as a culture of foodies, have taken such a poor view of this dish?   I’ll tell you! DULL AND BORING!  Many casseroles are just that, dull and boring.  They are thrown together leftovers, as a rule, put into the same dish and wet down with a can or two of creamed...
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We be Jammin’ Mon!!!


Pros: unique recipes, good instruction

Cons: some chapters are a bit wordy, not reccomended for beginner cook

Jam has been around almost as long as fruit.  Laena McCarthy’s book Jam On is not your typical jam making book.  Her book delves into the artisan jams.  Artisan jams are a category that I had not thought much about till receiving this book. Jam is jam I thought.  Jam is sugar, fruit, pectin….maybe slathering it on toast or with peanut butter in a sandwich or if you were REALLY daring inside a filled cookie.  After reading this book you will have a whole new attitude toward the humble jam jar filled with sugary goodness.           The recipes contained in this book are NOT those that you find on your breakfast table...
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Frozen Gourmet?


Pros: wide variety of recipes

Cons: some harder to obtain ingredients but not many

“Honey the boss and the new client are going to be here in about 40 minutes for dinner.  That’s not a problem is it?”    Those words could be grounds for divorce or no problem if you’re properly prepared.  This book Everyday Easy – Freeze Ahead Meals could just save your marriage.             This review took just a bit longer than most would, only because, to do this book justice, I felt that I needed to make, freeze, and reheat a meal to know if the book was hitting its mark.  I am very pleased to say this book did just that.  The first thing that impressed me was the wonderful photographs for...
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Fun in the Sun and the Kitchen


Pros: delightful regional recipes, beautiful photography

Cons: some items are VERY regional, but most are available nationwide

     When you pick up a cookbook, do you open it with all the enthusiasm of opening the refrigerator when looking for a late night snack?   So often this happens to me, because I am used to opening a cookbook only to be disappointed with what is inside.  The Maine Summers Cookbook did not disappoint me; in fact, it may have rekindled the old cooking flames in my heart again.         This book is a delightful trip not only to Maine and its delicious local delicacies, but to the Isle au Haut and its special island flair.  The book weaves insights into island life in Maine while including many of the recipes for the...
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