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Pretty good little knives


Pros: Super low cost

Cons: Short handle unless you pay a dollar more for the longer one

The blades on the Victorinox paring knives are pretty thin and easy to sharpen. I like this knife alot because I can abuse it and not feel to bad about it. I use it pretty often at work and have 2 more at home. From paring apples, potatoes, peaches, and on occasion to open boxes (I know shame on me) I use this for everything. Keep in mind you will have to sharpen it though it doesn't stay sharp for very long if you use it constantly. The handle is really small and thin and a little tough for me to hold because its so small. This is the knife to bring to work leave your expensive ones at home. The other day I walked in on our dishwasher trying to throw my paring knife into the wood...
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Good Knife


Pros: great edge, nice feel

Cons: It hurts like a son of a b**** when you get cut with a serrated blade

Really a very good knife for the money I prefer the fibrox handles to wood and yes I have used both. Does its purpose well and a few others like cutting that 12 inch sub you made for lunch. On another note a cut from a serrated blade takes an obnoxious amount of time to heal. Price is for  for fibrox handled version

Work horse knive for people learning


Pros: Easy to Sharpen, Cheap, Can take a beating, Effective

Cons: It looks like a cheap plastic handle Although I perfer the fibrox over wood

What I really love about this knife is the value for the quality. It is very cheap and arrives very sharp. I bought this knife after asking my teacher what knife she would recommend to learn on and learn to sharpen on a whetstone with. I love it the only real con other than looking like cheap plastic is the blade is highly polished and veggies stick to it. That was easily solved on the side of a whetstone It may not look pretty but this knife is well made and great to learn on. If you do something really stupid with it like let a coworker try and cut open a can with it you can replace it for very little money compared to ruining a shun. › Kristopher › Reviews by Kristopher