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Perfect Travel Sharpener


Pros: Compact, Easy to Use, Inexpensive

Cons: Not intended for serious sharpening

The Edgeware, Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener, is designed and manufactured by Smith's--a leading sharpener manufacturer.  The Edge Grip works on a flat surface, but was designed to be placed on the edge of a table, or any other square edge.  This stabilizes the unit while sharpening.  Carbide blades and crossed ceramic rods feature pre-set sharpening angles that provide the proper quick edge-setting capabilities.  It features both a coarse and fine slot.  For most everyday touch up sharpening the fine ceramic slot is plenty to bring the edge back.  During our own tests, we found that the sharpener performed up with all the other v-slot, carbide and/or ceramic sharpeners that have been...
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