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indispensable - a must-have


Pros: incredibly well built

Cons: the handle can be unwieldy when pan is full

this is one of the most-used pans in my arsenal. from searing steaks or tuna to cooking risotto to spaghetti bolognese, i come back to this pan again and again. like any all-clad pan, it's built tough - 18/10 stainless on the inside and out, with a layer of aluminum in the middle. this also means it heats almost perfectly evenly - a must for a pan of this nature. and it cleans up very easily (though a can of barkeeper's friend is essential for any stubborn food stains). the only qualm i have is the main handle, which is relatively thin and can make the whole pan somewhat unstable when lifting it when it is full. mine came as part of a set, which included a 10" fry pan and a 3qt saucepan,...
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well-made, but unbalanced


Pros: well-shaped, built like a tank

Cons: very tippy when empty

 i've used this useful little saucepan several times so far. the sides are gently sloped and the bottom rounded, to accommodate a whisk. and like all all-clad pans, the thing is built like a tank. however - the balance is precarious. on a perfectly flat surface - a ceramic range, for instance - this thing would be fine. but on a traditional gas range's grate, it tips easily, due to the fact that the small bowl is nearly outweighed by the handle. once it is filled, however, this problem goes away. still, as it is typically a promo item and can be had under $50, it's a pretty useful and (relatively) inexpensive pot. › bscepter › Reviews by bscepter