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Excellent handbook for canning with honey


Pros: Beginner level canning; uses produce available to American cooks

Cons: No fun pictures; few gourmet recipes

 Superb intro to the how, what, and why of canning with honey as your sweetener and preservative.  A beekeeper recommended it to me years ago.  I use it as a basis for lecturing to beekeepers about canning with honey, and when I teach  beginners canning classes I recommend it to my students.  I'm always surprised how many of my students have their own hives.  Besides cooking healthily, they can save money due to this book! Best part of any canning book, to me, is it's ability to explain a little science. Canning is like an onion: you must read book after book to slowly peel the layers, and examine each one for its nugget of wisdom.  This book really helps one understand the differences...
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Bible for a Homesteader


Pros: Thorough presentation of all sorts of preservation processes. Well-written

Cons: No illustrations. Not advanced for canners who appreciate luxury preserves.

 This tome has been revised and updated many times.  I own several renditions.  I have always appreciated the science it presents, as well as the thorough attention it gives to all manner of preservation.  I.e., root cellars, dehydration, freezing.  Even how to make head cheese!  There are some small diagrams of how to build root cellars, etc., but no fun "foodie" shots of preserves, chutneys, etc.  I enjoy knowing WHY certain food preservations techniques work, and how to manipulate them to perform their best for me.  This is a great book for any canner. › jamlady › Reviews by jamlady