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A tremendous trade-off for the right owner


Pros: Excellent ergonomics. Excellent profile and edge retention. Very easy to keep sharp

Cons: Highly reactive carbon steel.

    Reviewed:  Misono 270mm Swedish Carbon Steel gyuto   Blade length – 270mm Overall length – 405mm Weight – 276 grams Steel – Swedish carbon, HRc ~ 60 Forged Construction Handle – Brass riveted resin wood laminations with full tang     Before getting down to the nitty gritty, lets get two popular points about this knife out of the way:     Roar!... The Misono gyutos (270 & 240 mm) don a dragon engraving running along the length of the blade.  Cool, that -- if you like dragons.  The only thing cooler might be Godzilla himself.  Lizardry notwithstanding, this is a sexy knife that will turn heads in the kitchen.   Yikes!... This is a carbon steel knife which means that it's subject to...
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