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Extraordinary Cookbook


Pros: great recipes, wonderful stories

Cons: difficult to find ingredients, no illustrations of steps

There are many cookbooks that are merely a collection of recipes. And then there are cookbooks like Chef John Besh's My New Orleans. Artfully written and beautifully constructed, this cook contains stories, memories, and anecdotes that draws the reader in and really sets the mood for the fantastic recipes. 5 stars for writing.   There are some beautiful illustrations of food, people, and places that make this a stunning book to read. The only drawback will be for those who want illustrations of techniques. You will not find any such illustrations here. Besh is simply trying to share the joy and comfort of the food he knows, not give you a crash course on techniques. 4 stars for...
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Fantastic soup pot


Pros: Even heating, non-stick interior, oven or stove top use

Cons: heavy, pricey

I purchased this 7.5 qt Le Creuset Bouillabaisse pot at a Le Creuset outlet store. I was informed that it was there because it was a discontinued item. I checked for defects, but after 20 minutes of searching found nothing. I also purchased a stainless steel handle, which I strongly recommend for anyone who wants to use the pot for braising in the oven.   The most striking feature of this pot is its ability to heat evenly and retain heat. Constructed of cast iron and coated with enamel, it is extremely durable, and will no doubt serve its purpose for many years. The non-stick inner enamel makes cleaning extremely easy.   At 7.5 quarts, this pot is larger than most standard dutch...
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