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8 in. Ikon Classic


Pros: Sharp, Holds Edge, Comfortable Handle

Cons: Small blade, handle heavy

I received this knife as a gift and it came packaged with a ikon classic sharpener.  First high-end knife in my collection, and at first was very pleased with it; I liked the way it looked, felt, and performed for the small amount of work i used it for.  I mostly used it at home and on the line at work for the first few months that I had it.  Since starting a new job in a more upscale restaurant and being responsible for a lot more prep work I have started to find this knife just doesnt do it for me. It seems really small compared to other 8 inch knives i've used and after a few hours of constant dicing or chopping it starts to feel really unbalanced.  I have used an 8 inch Wusthof...
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