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Cen-Tech digital scale from Harbor Freight


Pros: inexpensive, reviews show it to be very accurate

Cons: A lot of Harbor Freight items are poor quality

The big reason for buying this scale was the price.  I probably bought it on sale for between $12-15. It was the cheapest digital scale I could find.  The reviews from others on their site shows that the device is rather accurate. Other digital scales were much more expensive, and for the limited use it will see, I would rather have something inexpensive that's remotely accurate.  The fact that it can run on AC or DC and has the AC adapter included made this a real bargain.   Harbor Freight certainly sells some items of questionable quality, but this seems to be one of the great finds in their store. 

Poorly made


Pros: It works as a blender.

Cons: Poor design

It works great when it works.  I've owned this for a couple of years with VERY light use.  This (and other brands) use a clutch type mechanism where a couple of plastic/rubber gears mesh between the base and the blade.  However, these gears can strip and are about $8 each to replace.  Oster uses a "direct drive" system where a metal shaft enters a metal receiver at the bottom of the blade.  My next blender will be an Oster.  I'm simply disappointed in having to replace parts on a mixer. 

Great starter knife


Pros: Good price, good quality, good value

Cons: Angle of the tip seems awkward (probably not the knife but the user).

I bought this knife based on the review from Cooks Country TV.  They admitted it wasn't the best knife on the market, but felt it was the best knife for the majority of uses for the price.  Price was certainly a determining factor, especially since this is the most expensive knife I own (to date).   As far as I can tell, the color of the handle is the only difference between this and the other fibrox handled knives.    When I opened the packaging, the knife readily shaved hair off my arm, so it certainly came in nice and sharp.  The knife has a stamped blade (not forged) so it's lighter than other forged knives.  I find that it fits my hand well, I like the textured grip, and it does...
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Very Pleased


Pros: Easy to use, inexpensive, good results

Cons: Must "re-angle" cutting edge, does damage blade

I've only sharpened a couple of knives with this sharpener thus far, but have been satisfied with the results.  I have a block set of inexpensive knives that never have been sharp enough.  This particular knife design has a wider edge at the back of the heel, which doesn't work well with this sharpener, but I am able to sharpen all but the last inch or so near the heel.  With knives that don't have this sort of "flare" at the heel, the full knife can be sharpened with ease.    Because this device uses a standardized angle to help make the sharpening more "foolproof", you must make the edge fit the angle of the sharpener.  The first sharpening on each knife will take longer than subsequent...
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