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Anything you want to learn how to make that you would find in most Italian homes.


Pros: Organized, easy to follow, lots of information.

Cons: Could use more illustrations, needs to be updated.

I currently work in an upscale Italian Bistro, and when I picked this book up, it gave me inspiration to creating new ideas with old dishes. This cookbook is layered with pizzas, sauces, antipasti, pasta and tons more recipes that you find all over Italy. It is basically the food bible of Italy, spread with over 2,000 recipes with all kinds of sea foods, meats, game, poultry, marinades and vegetables! Contains a section full of Italian cooking terms. If you love classic Italian and European foods, I would pick this one up!

A must have for japanese or morimoto fans!


Pros: very detailed instructions, colorful pictures, easy navigation.

Cons: only for advanced chefs, difficult techniques.

If you are all about the Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, and the beautiful art of japanese cooking, this book is a must have. Morimoto's book is jam packed full of detailed easy to follow step by step visual instruction from preparing octopus to cutting pieces of raw ahi tuna and making it look like a rose petal! Along with instruction on his insane knife skill techniques that he breaks down for you, there are also beautiful pictures to go along with every recipe in his book! Morimoto even shares his recipe for his famous Ahi tuna pizza. I would definately pick this book up from amazon, I got it last year and still to this day use it! › Richard Bryson › Reviews by Richard Bryson