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Must have for any household


Pros: price, easy to use

Cons: none

All household in Japan has a similar peeler like this, but cost much less. I bought my peeler at a asian grocery store in San Francisco and paid about $1. (made with plastic so it's much cheaper) I've never used the ceramic one so I don't know if there's any difference in performance but I'm pretty happy with mine. I use this for peeling almost any veggies, potatos, cucumbers, carrots, etc. It's fast, efficient, easy to clean up/maintain and last forever.

The best rice cooker if you eat rice everyday


Pros: Quality of rice

Cons: Price

I bought this rice cooker from my friend who was moving back to Japan. Paying $100 for a slightly used rice cooker seemed a bit too much but I bought it anyway since my old Sanyo rice cooker kept failing, making watery uneatable rice so I desperately needed a new one ASAP. I'm so glad I made that decision. If you're like me, eating rice everyday, you want to invest in a high quality rice cooker. It offers extra functionalities like adjusting the rice to be soft or hard, setting the timer for the warmer, or cooking brown/sushi rice but the best feature of this rice cooker is the quality of rice it makes and that's what it matters the most for a rice cooker. Once you've experienced the...
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