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10 Lessons in How to Market Your Food Idea


Pros: 10 great case studies on those that achieved their dream business

Cons: focuses on those that made it and doesn't do enough to remind people how difficult it is to succeed

Are you a backyard barbecue warrior with a great sauce you want to try and market?  Maybe your friends tell you that you should sell that granola you give as Christmas gifts, or maybe you've created a new food that meets the needs of a niche market that hasn't been exploited yet.  Well, before you even consider trying to turn your item into a product found in stores across the nation, I suggest you read "Cooking Up a Business" by Rachel Hofstetter.   Rachel offers up "case studies" of 10 individuals (and couples and partners) that successfully turned their passion for food into big money as they navigated the slippery slope of launching and marketing a new food product;...
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A Solid Foundation


Pros: small class size, very hands-on, great location

Cons: very expensive

First off, a disclaimer; it has been 20 years, this year, since I graduated from NECI (New England Culinary Institute) in 1994.  In that time the school has changed a lot.  The restaurants I worked in no longer exist, but in their place newer, more high tech kitchens have been built.  The school has also expanded their offerings.  When I was there your only choice was their Associates degree.  At the time they did not offer a pastry and baking concentration, nor did they offer a Bachelors degree, both of which they offer now.   Two things that drew me to NECI, and which are still important tenets of the education system there, were the small class sizes and...
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