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Worths every penny


Pros: Durable, foolproof, made to last under professional conditions.

Cons: The price.

This mixer is relatevely new to me, but I have another vitamix in my kitchen, and it has been used and abused for almost 5 years without giving me any problem. I'm a carefull person, but most of my staff isn't and when a mixer can stand that kind of handling, all I can do is to cheer up the brand and the people behind the design and manufacture of such item.   It's an "expensive" device, but on the long run it pays itself, before vitamix, for me the blenders were some kind of disposable thing that had to be replaced at least once a year... Not anymore.   I have the new and it's a joy to work with, I get the feeling that is a keeper that is going to last years...
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