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Reviews by: Cami

Alluring Collection of Cookie Recipes


Pros: A large variety of cookie recipes to include gluten free. There are lovely photos of every recipe. Great tips section.

Cons: I couldn't find any way to improve this cookbook.

I have to admit that at first I was a little worried about a cookbook put out by Betty Crocker.  After all who is Betty Crocker anyway? My fear was that every recipe would require a box mix to be used.  I am not against boxed mixes; however, that is not what I usually reach for when baking at home.  Perhaps I feel it is a bit like cheating and find myself peeking over my shoulder, making sure no one sees me, as I pull the box out of my cupboard and quickly empty the contents into my mixing bowl and the evidence is swiftly disposed of. Besides, shouldn’t I be measuring every single gram of flour and spices precisely on my own scales? Surely, only then would the cookies be...
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Serving up the Best Seasonal Meals


Pros: Lots of recipes, 1000, to keep your menus fresh. Recipes are categorized by seasons.

Cons: The only thing I wish they had was a gluten free section. That is just a wish. This book has plenty of recipes without gluten in them.

DK seems to have done it again. They have produced a truly wonderful cookbook. Cooking Season by Season, 1000 recipes to cook through the year by DK has become my current favorite go-to cookbook.  It is a wonderful hard back cookbook brimming with colorful photographs of truly tempting dishes. True to DK fashion the pages are nice and durable.  This cookbook is categorized by seasons, complete with color coded pages, making it easy to locate the season you want. The categories are: spring, early summer, high summer, fall, early winter, and late winter. Inside each of these chapters you will also find the recipes broken down in a more traditional format beginning with starters...
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