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If you’re looking for something truly different to add to your table, these dishes from Hawaii will do the trick.


Pros: All proceeds from A Taste of Aloha are returned to the community through projects sponsored by the Junior League of Honolulu.

Cons: My copy is getting pretty worn, I may need a new one.

The Hawaiian language is very complicated.  A word or portion of a word can mean many different things, but for me when I hear the word ALOHA, I hear the HA, meaning ‘the breath of life’ or ‘the sharing of breath’.  Next I think of sharing food, good food, food from Hawaii. With so many cultures having meshed so beautifully together in such a tiny place, you’ll find pretty much any type of dish imaginable and then some. I love this cookbook for that reason, the diversity of recipes. From Appetizers and Pupus to Sauces, Condiments and Da Kine. You’ll find recipes that call for caviar to how to make Chili Pepper Water, which is on every table in every home. I refer to the...
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It’s Been A Long Time Since I’ve Bought A Cookbook


Pros: It’s a great read, with great recipes; Ina has a great philosophy towards cooking and entertaining

Cons: None

I was sitting here trying to remember when was the last time that I actually paid $25 + for a cookbook.  What with the Internet, Social Media, Kindle, IBook, a zillion Television networks not just programs but entire channels dedicated to cooking.  Really, what do I need a book for any more?  Well… It’s the anticipation, waiting for that particular book to come out. It’s holding that hard cover book with a dust jacket that you carefully put aside so that you keep it pretty. It’s the glossy pages with the stellar photography that makes you want to run into the kitchen and make that dish. It’s the author taking you into another world, or kitchen as in this case....
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The Beginners Sharpener or The Steel With Training Wheels


Pros: Super for beginners

Cons: Can't think of one

Some years ago, my husband gave me a beautiful set of Henckel knives for my birthday, but forgot something to keep them sharp with.  As I was very inexperienced at the time, not to mention intimidated by using a steel, I purchased this J.A. Henckels International Hand Sharpener.  It was very reasonably priced, restored the edge perfectly and effortlessly.  As you would with a honing rod or sharpening steel each time that you pull out a knife, I run it through the slot a couple of times and voilà.  I have been very happy with the results that I have gotten over these many years. › kaneohegirlinaz › Reviews by kaneohegirlinaz