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Cadillac of Kitchen Knives


Pros: So sharp it's a liability, light (feels CHEAP it's so light) amazing steel, superior handling.

Cons: MSRP is about double that of other high end knives. That's it's only flaw.

I purchased this blade at 6am. I was unable to sleep and needed a replacement for my workhorse J.A.H. It was on sale down from 380 something. I can tell you this, from the day it arrived in it's gleaming black box I haven't regretted a single moment. The factory edge gave my arm a clean shave in one pass. Listen, I'm a professional. Sharp knives aren't too big a deal for me. For the first week I owned this thing I just looked at it, I held it in my hand, put it next to my board and used my old knife out of fear and respect for how ridiculously sharp this knife is. Once I began to familiarize myself with it I came to realize that the knife is so well designed and built that it feels...
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