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Rival 10 Cup Rice Cooker

Unassuming, affordable, practical— these are the words that come to mind when describing Rival’s 10 cup rice cooker. It does what it’s supposed to do, namely: it cooks rice, without fanfare. Plug it in, turn it on. There is one other button to push should you choose to keep the rice warm after cooking. And a steamer basket is included in which to steam, say, vegetables, if you are so inclined, in the steam made from the heat of the rice cooking. That’s it: pretty simple. It is not unwieldy. It is not hard to clean. It is average in every regard. And reliable.

American Regional Cuisine with an Oomph

When I first look at a cookbook, I like to flip from back to front for an overview, in reverse as it were, of what’s inside. For me, it’s more hands-on than a glance at the table of contents.   As I perform my ritual back-flip thus with Hot and Spicy: Fiery Favorites from America's Hot Spots, before anything else I am taken with the bold, colorful photos of festive fare on every other page. From the Pueblo Pastelitos to the Tortilla Soup, each picture more inviting than the next, my appetite is awakened through my eyes and I am ready to read the recipes. To my delight, not one looks too hard! But these are not all quick fixes; some of the recipes take a few hours to make, some...
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