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Oh baby.


Pros: Powerful, quiet, adaptable

Cons: $$$

Sometimes I wish I had this at work instead of my Hobart.  I've done everything with it, filled sausages, turned dough, everything.  I love this machine.

Love it


Pros: Heavy weight, even cooking, pretty

Cons: The enamel discolors

I bought one of these just for making osso buco.  I found myself using it for a lot more than just that.  I make tomato sauce in it, chili, any excuse I have to bust it out, I do.  I absolutely love this pot.



Pros: You never have to grind this blade

Cons: Didn't like the handle

One of my first internet knives.  Great blade.  I mean *great* but the handle was a bit weird.  Right now it just sits at the bottom of my knife kit.

One of my favorites


Pros: Extremely comfortable, well balanced, distinctive

Cons: A bit expensive for what it is...MSRP is $400

I've owned one of these for over 3 years now, using it daily.  I've never had to sharpen (grind) it, just an occasional run along a fine steel, and it's held a wonderful edge for everyday prep.  It took me a few days to get used to the handle; it's "different," but after using it for a week or so I began loving it.  If you've got fatigue issues with your knife hand I'd suggest trying one of these out. › RBandu › Reviews by RBandu