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Nordic baking...not for the faint of heart


Pros: Exposure to a different style of baking

Cons: Hard to find ingredients

      Nordic cuisine seems to be quite trendy these days.  Especially after NOMA was named “Best Restaurant in the World” for several consecutive years.  Now the book “Home Baked” has been written by one of the owners of the farm and mill that provides the organic grains to NOMA. I do truly love rustic breads and am willing to take the time needed to make it from scratch.  However, this book failed to really get me excited about any of the recipes.  It felt like a little too much work trying to figure out what to substitute for some of the ingredients.  There is an introduction that gives an explanation of some of the grains they use and...
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Preserving Food


Pros: Variety of preservation methods, well explained

  If you have ever had a garden or fruit tree, then you have probably been in the situation where you have a sudden bounty of ripe fruits or vegetables - far more than one family could eat immediately.  The book “Preserve It!” by Lynda Brown offers a solution.  This book goes far beyond basic canning recipes to include many other preservation methods, such as: freezing, smoking, drying and fermentation (Beet Wine, anyone?).   The variety of methods really appealed to me.  I haven’t ever contemplated making my own cider or cured meats, but the author’s straightforward, step-by-step approach makes these methods much less intimidating.  The book has plenty...
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The Wild Table


Pros: Well written, useful information on unique ingredients

Cons: Some parts of the country may have difficulty finding these ingredients

  The romance of wandering into the woods to gather food for a meal is alive and well in Connie Green’s book “The Wild Table”.  Connie has been foraging food, especially mushrooms, for well-known chefs for many years.  She has put together a collection of recipes, with the help of Sarah Scott, former Exectuive Chef at the Robert Mondavi Winery.  The recipes are organized seasonally, with multiple options for each featured ingredient.   Connie is noticeably passionate about the topic and it was contagious for me as I read through her description of hunting Chanterelles.  There is a wealth of information on handling ingredients that many cooks, even...
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