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Great for the first month


Pros: Fresh Grids

Cons: Stopped working after a month, doesn't use a bur grinder,

For about the first month this was the greatest coffee maker I had.   For the last several years I've been grinding my own beans.  So this coffee maker was nice, because it would grind them and was programmable.  And it made a damn good cup of joe.   Well, after about the first month, it would only do about 2 cups even though I had it filled with water.   I have to run it once, then run it a few more times with the grind off to get a full pot.   Also, the grinder is the whirly bird kind, as opposed to a burr grinder, so all the grinds are different sizes.  I even seems to grind too much, as a lot of dust like grinds end up in the actual coffee.   I'm going to go back to a different drip...
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Great pot!!


Pros: Holds heat long, even cooking

Cons: Price, can be hard to clean, slow to boil

Out of all my pots and pans, this one I find I use the most.   It is a great for a number of different things, from roasting bones for stock, to deep frying to making soups and stews.   I like to cooking in big batches and find this size perfect.   The walls are really think, which allows for very even cooking, and deglazes well when doing meats.   The copper core is nice (a layer of copper in between 2 layers of steel & aluminum), and ensures even heating and is excellent for heat retention.  If I ever need to store left overs, I need to take it out of the pot to cool.  And you don't have all the cleaning required for copper pots.   The walls are tall, which is good for deep...
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