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A good machine for home


Pros: Easy to use and clean

Cons: Over-simple controls

I bought this for my husband's birthday. He's hard to buy for, but I thought the idea of custom ice cream flavors would be enticing. The machine was on special from Williams Sonoma, and included a second chilling cylinder, so it's possible to make two flavors on the same day. I had used a Donvier manual ice cream maker before, and found this one very much easier to use. For example, the stirring blade stays put in this machine, whereas in the Donvier, it can move around and ruin your ice cream.   Never having made ice cream with a machine before, I was not sure when to stop the machine, and I fear over-loading the motor. I guess experience will be the best teacher. My husband...
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If You Love Cream of Anything Soup


Pros: Good resource for methods used in slow cooker cooking

Cons: Lack of imagination and variety; main dishes high in sodium and fat

If you love "cream of anything" soup, you'll love this book. I've been a busy, working woman (I'm now retired) who used her crockpot fairly often. I thumbed through this book before buying it, more eager for solutions to the "what's for dinner?" dilemma than for haute cuisine. I got it, but at a price.   I cook mostly beef and some pork in my slow cooker, so my focus is mostly on those recipes. Most call for one or more cans of cream of something or other soup (mushroom, golden mushroom and celery being the most popular) and perhaps some onion, celery or carrots. A few call for herbs, mostly dried ones. After cream of something soup, bottled barbecue sauce appears to be the next...
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