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A tome to put in the front of your library. Detailed & precise. Just like baking formulas are supposed to be.


Pros: Well researched. Every recipe is spot on and the best in its catagory.

Cons: A little toothsome and heavy (overwealming) for the novice.

I've wanted this bible, along with "The Cake Bible", and finally got them this year.  I'm over-joyed.  Ms. Beranbaum has done her research to create this encyclopedic text.  Just reading Chapter 1 "The Ten Essential Steps of Making Bread", was a Master's class in baking.  I gained an appreciation for starters and slow-rise techniques.    Many of the recipes are complex (more-so than other baking texts) and contain additional steps when compared to similar items in other cook books.  I did find that her recipes created the best version of these items.  I especially like her biscuits, Sicilian bread and other hearth breads.  I also like that the recipes are given in both volume and...
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