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Good knife for the price


Pros: Easy to hone and sharpen. Affordable. The handle is a good fit for my hand.

Cons: Needs frequent honing. Not as 'pretty' as the Wusthof forged knives.

 The previous review is actually fascinating, but it has a lot of typos and jargon that I never learned ("...not to accordion.."?).  I have a variety of culinary knives, Masahiro, Wusthof Trident, and quite a few of the Victorinox/Forschner.   I study and teach cooking and I've never cooked on the line in a production environment, so I will take on faith the concerns that the previous reviewer had about edge durability.  That said, the 8-Inch Chef is the knife I find myself grabbing for routine chopping.  I do hone the knife frequently but that is how I was taught.  I haven't found that it needs sharpening all that often, but I use a Chef's Choice electric 3-stage sharpener to do it....
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