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What has happened to the FoodSaver Bags


Pros: Bags continue to be effective for non-heated foods.

Cons: Thinner mil could cause safety concerns, seams unreliable with liquids hotter than 160deg F

 I've owned a  food saver Pro II for years and until recently have swore by the bags for use with the machine. The bags have been provided a variety of uses. From  sauces not only in the form of left-overs from a meal but in larger production day's to make things for future use but also to Cryovac meats adding more "age" to them, .  I can remember when I first started purchasing the bags. They were virtually indestructible. Even the sharp edge of a bone from a ham shoulder would not even cause the bag to fail. I never had a bag fail when in the freezer because of a pin hole and the self made seal was as indestructible as the factory made one. I could even take my sauces like marinara and...
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Worlds Finest Copper Pans


Pros: Unbelievable heat distribution, Stainless steel lined, durable, craftsmanship and quality of copper

Cons: Cost, do not come with lids, incomptability with certain cook-tops, high maintenance, Manufacturer is closed for July and August

In 1997, my wife purchased 5- L Atelier Du Cuivre sauce pans in varying sizes for my Birthday. The quality of this cookware is truly amazing. I could not have asked for a better set of pans for any type of cooking.    Construction: Each pan is constructed of the finest French Copper, 2.5mm thick for the entire pan, even the sides. This is ideal and helps eliminate any type of heat loss through the sides of the pan. It basically is the whole pan heating the food at the same rate instead of the bottom being a different temp from the sides.  The pans I have are lined with stainless steel but you can get them lined with tin or even silver. The handles are cast...
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