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    Cupcakes are one of those things that could be amazingly satisfying or sadly disappointing- fortunately for us, these easy vanilla cupcakes fall into the former category. Made with olive oil, these little bites of sweetness have just the right amount of vanilla to support your frosting of...
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    For my brother's birthday this year, I gifted him a birthday cake. I feel that, more and more, handmade gifts are more meaningful and heartfelt than anything that can be purchased. It's also a great idea for people giftees who don't need more "stuff." My brother requested something not too...
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    For me, cake is an anytime, all-the-time food, especially when it's a chocolate salted caramel cake. With E having turned two this past Friday, it was an especially good reason to make (and eat!) cake. Sometimes I can hardly believe it. We survived the first two years! Some days, I wonder how...
1-3 of 3 Results