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    Apple butter is one of those foods that seem so daunting to those not in the know, but really apple butter is very easy to make. Nor does it take a lot of "special" ingredients. I've even made passable apple butter using store bought applesauce as the base, though starting from fresh apples will...
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    There are many milestones in life and wedding anniversaries are among the most joyous. It seems more common nowadays to hear about people splitting up, rather than staying together. That's why, when a wedding anniversary comes along (whether it's yours, or someone you know) it's always nice to...
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    Just a quick one tonight. We're heading to my SIL's house for a get together tomorrow and I made these up to take along. We signed up to bring guacamole, tapenade, and chips (which we'll still bring) but you know me, I gotta bring something sweet... You can tell it's been a long week by the...
1-3 of 3 Results