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    There are numerous reasons why camping and fishing go together like bacon and eggs. Sometimes the only way to spend much time at a particular lake or stream is to camp there, because there are no other facilities. There was the time, for instance, we were camped up in Montana's East Pioneer...
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    For most of us, camp cooking starts out as skewering a hot dog to the end of a stick and holding it in the flames. But anybody who's progressed beyond that has likely cooked in foil. Foil cooking is among the earliest outdoor skills many of us learn. There are lots of benefits to cooking in...
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    If you belong to the first group, may as well stop reading right now. But if you believe in setting a fine table at hunting camp, then read on. What we'll be doing is exploring the problems and special conditions inherent in cooking "gourmet," given the restrictions imposed by time, location...
1-3 of 3 Results