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    I had forgotten how much I like properly shirred (baked) eggs, until this past Sunday, when I was searching for a simple, yet elegant dish for my wife and I to enjoy for Sunday brunch. I wasn't in the mood for an omelet and we always tend to do a variation on Benedicts when looking for something...
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    I just had an awesome visit with my friends Sarah, Rosa, and Felicia today. Needless to say, I left Baby E at home with daddy. That's the only way I get a chance to actually engage in any degree of conversation these days. Sarah was kind enough to host, so I offered to bring some goodies to...
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    Of all the meal genres out there, (yes, I called them genres...breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert...they each have their own distinct form and style) brunch holds a special place in my heart. This morning I finally got a chance to visit Fable Kitchen in Kitsilano. The last time I tried to visit...
1-3 of 3 Results