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    I recently got a manual pasta machine. You may recall that I received an all-in-one machine from my Aunty Rose (which works great), but I wanted to also have the option of literally cranking out my own fresh pasta. The Gluten Free Girl has a fantastic recipe for fresh pasta that I had been...
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    So remember how I was talking about wanting a pasta machine? I was just gifted one a couple of weeks ago! That's one of the wonderful things about being a part of a large family... There's always someone, an Aunty, in this case, who is able to help out or has just the thing you need (or...
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    by: Chef Jim Berman When I pondered this article, this tackling of creating fresh pasta, I was as nervous as a school boy on prom night; So many questions, so much anticipation for a fulfilling experience. Everyone does it, Would I live up to the expectations that, undoubtedly, were had of me...
1-3 of 3 Results