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    It's Saturday, September 24th, and it's the perfect early Fall day. Sunny and warm with just a slight crispness in the air. It is, or was, the perfect day to head out and do a bit of grape picking, so the wife, the kid and I jumped into the car and drove down to the Madison area-Cottage Grove to...
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    One of my favorite ways to preserve food, besides making pickles, is to make jams and jellies. There's nothing more rewarding, in wintertime, than to open a jar of jam that was made with fruits picked at the height of their ripeness during the summer. We make a lot of jam and jelly, in our...
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    A few years ago my wife and I went out grape picking at a local "U-Pick" farm. The farm offered a variety of u-pick options, including raspberries and a number of different apples along with the grapes. We enjoyed ourselves, filling pint after pint of raspberries, a couple basketfuls of apples...
1-3 of 3 Results