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    My baby brother just turned a quarter century recently. Gee. Saying that out loud makes me feel old. My brother grew up watching the movie My Neighbour Totoro . It's pretty safe to say that he was obsessed with it, as only a small child can be. To this day, this fluffy, gentle, forest spirit...
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    There are many milestones in life and wedding anniversaries are among the most joyous. It seems more common nowadays to hear about people splitting up, rather than staying together. That's why, when a wedding anniversary comes along (whether it's yours, or someone you know) it's always nice to...
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    Baby E has had a really rough week with the flu... In other words, my world has been turned upside-down trying to find ways to comfort him when he has been literally uncomfortable. Waking every couple of hours needing to have me next to him has taken its toll on my sanity somewhat. I felt like...
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    As the chaos of Christmas reaches a screeching halt on Boxing Day, a piece of quiet finds me as two little feet crunch the gravel and stomp on the wood planks. Thank goodness for this. Thank goodness.
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    You kick at the leaves fiery and brittle they skitter scatter away from you as you go down the path away from me and for a moment my heart tightens as i see You away from me and you turn and skitter scatter pitter patter back to me away from me and back again and i brace myself for a lifetime of...
1-8 of 9 Results