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    With the onset of the cooler weather, my mindset and appetite have made a definite shift from the usual summer fare to cravings for comfort food. While each person's definition of comfort food may be different, it's pretty hard to ignore the satisfaction factor of potatoes and cheese. That's why...
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    If you've spent any modicum of time with me, you will know that I am an unabashed carnivore. You'd be hard pressed to find me turning down a nicely grilled steak. Or bacon. Or chicken wings. Or bacon. You get the picture. But with the return of the warmer weather, I am starting to gravitate...
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    There is something that is unspeakably satisfying about making bread. The smell of the yeast, the push back from the dough beneath your hands as it develops, the way the motions force you to take the time... The give and take of the whole process. We had these for lunch today and Baby E enjoyed...
1-3 of 3 Results