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    I thought about trying to cram this into the previous post, but it didn't seem to fit together (despite being about the same event). For the kidlets, I made some take-home fun kits rather than the traditional loot bags of candy,etc. First up, a wood and ribbon hand kite. I wanted to use wooden...
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    For me, cake is an anytime, all-the-time food, especially when it's a chocolate salted caramel cake. With E having turned two this past Friday, it was an especially good reason to make (and eat!) cake. Sometimes I can hardly believe it. We survived the first two years! Some days, I wonder how...
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    There are many milestones in life and wedding anniversaries are among the most joyous. It seems more common nowadays to hear about people splitting up, rather than staying together. That's why, when a wedding anniversary comes along (whether it's yours, or someone you know) it's always nice to...
1-3 of 3 Results