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    In the rush of the holiday season, bringing an offering to a party can be problematic and time consuming. Getting yourself ready for the party after work doesn't leave much time for putting together a creative, tasty appetizer and with all the options available at so many supermarkets, pre made...
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    Our weather, here in Wisconsin, has been up and down, like much of the nation's. One day it's 85° and the next it's 55° so I decided that I wanted to make a soup that would taste great either hot or cold. That way I had all my bases covered. Heat it up and it would be perfect for a cool, rainy...
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    Last Saturday dawned gray and rainy, so my morning plans of fishing were put on hold. Yes, I admit it, I am a fair weather fisherman. To me it is more about the act of fishing than actually catching fish, though catching them is an added plus. Since this is the case, I prefer my fishing days...
1-3 of 3 Results