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  1. Food & Cooking
    I really don't know why this irritated me like it did, but it isn't a big deal. I make quiche every morning for our lunch shift. It's a crust-less quiche just eggs heavy cream and whatever we want to throw into it. Personally I miss working dinner shifts cus lunch is so... Never changing...
  2. Food & Cooking
    Hello Chefs i am new to chef talk and I was hoping someone could help me with finding out what it means when the Exec chef tells me the (lead chef) that "i am now responsible for creating the chef specials." and that he is not liking the exec sous chefs taste and ideas for the chef specials...
  3. Articles
    Interviewing for a back-of-house position in your kitchen or restaurant is one of the most important job responsibilities you have. Ensuring that your staff can perform their jobs from the beginning, whether you are working beside them or handling other tasks is vital to the health of your...
1-3 of 3 Results