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    It's August and that means that 2 of my favorite things are in season; corn and peaches. Both peak at this time of year, but you rarely find recipes that use both of them, which I feel is a shame. So I set out to remedy that situation. Personally, I'd eat enough of these to make a full...
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    I'm a pig and a glutton, sometimes. I admit. It's true.. The other day, for example, I made a wonderfully simple salsa, packed with the fresh flavors of late summer. That, in and of itself, doesn't make me a glutton, but the fact that once I started eating it, I didn't stop until I had polished...
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    So I signed up to bring snacks for tomorrow's work meeting, and as I've said before, I would rather be shot out of a cannon than be caught with less than way more than enough food to feed an army... First and foremost, I knew that I needed to dust off my macaron-making hat and give it a...
1-3 of 3 Results