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    I spied some local fava (broad) beans at our farm market a few days ago and couldn't resist. If you've never had fava beans, you're missing out! I will admit, they are a bit of work, but they are so amazing. When they're in season, the beans are creamy, toothsome, and nutty with a slightly...
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    Just a quick post to talk about the amazing treats I had today. We went down to Kitsilano and had a picnic by the beach. The weather was amazing. A cool breeze, a shady spot, and a simple picnic of salmon, rice, and fruit. As we strolled along 4th Avenue, we stopped in at 49th Parallel and...
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    D woke up feeling pretty good this morning, so we decided to head down to the Powell Street Festival . This is a yearly festival that celebrates Japanese culture in its many forms. From bonsai trees to live drumming to lots of delicious food, there was plenty to do and see. As interesting as...
1-5 of 5 Results