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    Just a quick one tonight. We're heading to my SIL's house for a get together tomorrow and I made these up to take along. We signed up to bring guacamole, tapenade, and chips (which we'll still bring) but you know me, I gotta bring something sweet... You can tell it's been a long week by the...
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    Have you heard of the cronut? I know it's been getting some bad press lately for making some people ill in its run as a burger, but I was still curious. Jimmy Fallon is obsessed with them. He even had the pastry chef who created them on his show to do a demo of how they're made. Having tried...
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    At this time of year, cooks should be scurrying about in search of recipes using maple syrup as a seasoning. True, this elixir of the sugar maple tree is available on market shelves year around, and true, one can always get a pancake syrup blend of maple and corn syrups but there is something...
1-3 of 3 Results