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    Move over Colonel Sanders, this crunchy cornflake crusted chicken is finger-licking awesome. It can be pretty challenging to find a gluten-free recipe for an oven-baked "fried" chicken that's as good as the deep-fried thing. Enter this crunchy cornflake crusted chicken. I wanted the same...
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    Just a short one... I had a weeknight hankering for some crispy fish but wasn't about to break out the deep fryer. Actually, I don't even own one... Anyway. I used basa fillets because that's what I had, but you can use any fish you fancy. This method is gluten free, healthy, and satisfying...
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    This doesn't look like much, I know, but it sure was satisfying. I started by dredging some chicken in a mixture of brown rice flour, salt, and pepper and browning them in my Dutch oven. Once they were browned, I removed them from the pot and sautéed some onions and garlic in the remaining...
1-3 of 3 Results