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    Just a quick post for this one. Pretty low on focus and energy reserves these days... Sometimes, all you want need is a slice of something is undeniably chocolate, without being cloyingly sweet. And if you can hide some veggies in it, why not? Especially if those veggies help to make the loaf...
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    I just had an awesome visit with my friends Sarah, Rosa, and Felicia today. Needless to say, I left Baby E at home with daddy. That's the only way I get a chance to actually engage in any degree of conversation these days. Sarah was kind enough to host, so I offered to bring some goodies to...
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    Here we go again.. From memory, I will try to recreate my original post of Gluten-Free and Egg Free Zucchini Pancakes. So I've decided that I'm going to write my posts in a separate place from my Wordpress App before posting it to my blog. Up until this point, being the novice and...
1-3 of 3 Results