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I’m pretty sure that my mixer is exactly like the 20 Quart Hobart A200. I would also like to say that when I was in University my dad took this thing apart and It is very likely that he made some mistakes or perhaps even left something out.

Here are the symptoms that my mixer is exhibiting:

1. When mixing in the slowest gear (1st gear) the dough hook stops spinning and the planetary also stops rotating.

When this happens:
  • The motor continues to run.
  • There is no smell, the motor is not straining and is not overheating.
  • I mostly mix heavy dough. Slightly heavier than pizza dough.
  • When mixing if my dad does not add enough water in the beginning the resulting hard dough causes this to happen
  • The dough that I mix …. Does not stall the mixing arm.
  • Only when my dad mixes and adds water too slowly does it stall
  • When the machine was new this would only happen if the dough was extremely hard
  • Today the dough only has to be a little harder than want to want for the mixing arm to stall

2. I do use the middle speed (gear 2) often and it works perfectly fine.

3. I rarely use the fastest speed (3rd gear) but, it works fine as well.

My best guess is that the worm gear needs changing. I have not looked inside yet. Might it be something else?

Also, how much should I pay for a new worm gear? (I live in Canada)

Any suggestions for where I can get good well priced parts in Canada?

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My mixer is like this one. If my mother uses the mixer and it does this I will try to get a video.
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