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Hey gang, looking for some advice. I'm trying to decide on purchasing either 3 50lb fryers or just 2 75lb fryers for a new kitchen build. 

We are planning on doing fresh cut fries (twice cook method), wings, onion rings, and a few other things. Nothing will be frozen. 

We have about 300 seats in a brewery all potentially eating. So we don't want to have any bottle necks in production at the fryers. 

I'm pretty much sold on the new Pitco Solstice line, the sales rep like them for the recovery time over other manufacturers..

I'm thinking, go with 2x 75lb to start and add another as needed. We have a used 40lb fryer we may install along side of these as well. 

Is there any advantage to going with 3 50lbs vs 2 75lb's? 

I assume it's more difficult to handle oil changes and filtering with the 75lb's.


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