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WEll, there aren't really any "rules" unless you are truly looking to do a French or Italian traditional course meal. Otherwise, just a few things to think about.

Don't do same proteins back to back. I.e., don't serve two seafood courses back to back, or two beef courses.

The meal should build. Start with lighter fare, then go on to the heavy, more protein oriented stuff. Generally, seafood before meat, but not always.

Don't serve the same cooking method more than once.

I wouldn't treat things like intermezzos (or palatte cleansers) as courses, and I wouldn't put more than one salad, or pasta, on the menu (unless you are doing a pasta tasting menu, of course).

Try to stay consistent. Don't have parts of it be ultra fancy then parts be bistro like and simple. Don't do things like have heavy dish after heavy dish.

Hope it helps.

Post your menu when you come up with it, there are a lot of graet cookson this site who might be able to help you improve it.
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