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A White Christmas...just in time!

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First of all, I would like to wish everyone the happiest of Holidays. Once again Wanda and I made the full circut of parents, all three sets. It was absolutely wonderful to have the time to spend with each of the families. Plus the fact that that means I got to enjoy 3 great holiday meals, ranging from Ham, to a Crown Roast of Pork, to Goose. We were even blessed with a White Christmas at the last moment. Originally, they had said no White Christmas, but by Christmas Eve day they were calling for flurries. Later that night and 4 inches later the weather changed their forcast to say that we would wake up with 8-10 inches, and that is exactly what happened. Though snow is a trivial point to Christmas (the truly important thing is spending time with loved ones), I love snow and it just seems to help to make the day seem that more cozy and homey. Luckily, the plows were working overtime (bummer for them) and Wanda and I were able to take off from my parents at noon to make it to another set of her parents just in time for another holiday dinner. I don't think I am going to eat for a week!!!!!!:bounce: :bounce:
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I had this theory about forecasters... that they were paid to predict snow for Christmas, even if they thought it would be in the 60s. So when it started snowing at 3 PM Christmas Eve, I was skeptical.

We ended up with 7 inches Christmas morning. Snow made our Christmas breakfast of cinnamon hot chocolate and gingerbread pancakes taste even better!

I love White Christmases!

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