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A White Christmas...just in time!

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First of all, I would like to wish everyone the happiest of Holidays. Once again Wanda and I made the full circut of parents, all three sets. It was absolutely wonderful to have the time to spend with each of the families. Plus the fact that that means I got to enjoy 3 great holiday meals, ranging from Ham, to a Crown Roast of Pork, to Goose. We were even blessed with a White Christmas at the last moment. Originally, they had said no White Christmas, but by Christmas Eve day they were calling for flurries. Later that night and 4 inches later the weather changed their forcast to say that we would wake up with 8-10 inches, and that is exactly what happened. Though snow is a trivial point to Christmas (the truly important thing is spending time with loved ones), I love snow and it just seems to help to make the day seem that more cozy and homey. Luckily, the plows were working overtime (bummer for them) and Wanda and I were able to take off from my parents at noon to make it to another set of her parents just in time for another holiday dinner. I don't think I am going to eat for a week!!!!!!:bounce: :bounce:
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Back to the PC after lounging around all week! We got a little over 12" starting at 3:00am Xmas morning. Snowed all day, quite cozy and comfy and we got to go out and walk around. Too dry to really play with but still nice! Today however it's in the 40's and the stuff is melting, but I think we're supposed to get more!
Yee hah! I'll take this over my time in Fla. any day!!!
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