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I started a meal prep business w/ a business partner in June 2017, in July we began trialling two friends that will remain our clients. The way we have been functioning is the clients pay us and order on Friday by 11:59 pm and then we prepare the meals on Sunday when they are also picked up. We cook at home currently but are aware that we will have to branch off to a commercial kitchen once things become official. Thus far we haven't put any money into the business aside from marketing for a logo, a food scale and our initial containers.
My issue is figuring out how to pay our selves. We are charging $84.00 for 7 meals and 5 meals for $60.00 with a small order fee of 5.00 as the smallest option available.
Also another issue that has come up is how to preserve the quality of our meals for the clients, we have had them freeze 4 of the 7 meals to eat later in the week but it has altered some of the foods

Ideally I would like to resolve these issues before opening up to new clients.

I would appreciate any advice for the business and how to pay ourselves reasonably.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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