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I have asked this question of every young cook who has ever asked for my advice: "What makes you think you want a career in the food industry." The reason why I ask that question is because I have seen many young, eager chefs realize after only a few months or years that this life is not for them. Each of them loved the stress, the chaos, the challenges and each had a passion for food and were quite talented. But, this life is a grind and its not for everyone regardless of aptitude. For some, it only takes a few months to realize this fact. For others, it could take a couple of years or more. However, no one knows for certain until they know.

Good luck. :)
@sgsvirgil absolute golden advice. What I always tell someone who asks my advice is there is a world of difference between "I love to cook" and "I love to cook professionally".

@Khadija Malik I don't recommend culinary school it is so expensive now (at least here in the United) states that it is impossible to justify a two year associated degree in culinary arts for $70,000.00. If a person is truly serious and has their heart on culinary school there are many excellent community colleges that are much less in cost. One question I feel you have to reconcile to yourself is do you want this life for your family. Maybe you don't have a family at the moment but possibly some day you will. Is this the life you want for them because it truly is a field that permeates every area of your life. My last bit of advice is don't let your skills as a lawyer fall by the way side. I have seen so many of my friends along with myself who after years of culinary school and working in the business just couldn't take (hack) it anymore. It is good to have a fall back. I actually started out in the culinary field from High school on and ended up leaving after 15 years. As I got older I noticed that most of my friends who were married with kids were never home with their families. I decided it was time to find something that offered a better work life balance.
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