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I ama 32 year old lawyer from Pakistan. About 3 years ago I moved out of law and mananged franchises we owned in London. I moved back in 2017 and undertook a culinary course, a Level 2 Diploma in Culinary Arts from City and Guilds.

I know there is still so much more to experience in terms of new techniques, food innovation and in particular molecular gastronomy. I am considering undertaking either an associate degree or similar in Culinary Arts as a stepping stone to be able to work in abroad to gain experience int he above mentioned.

I am in the process of applying to culinary schools, which are hella expensive, but it is quite literally where my heart is set. I worked as a chef in a restaurant in Lahore and enjoyed every minute of it, the good day, the bad days and completely unpredictable ones as well. I love being in the kitchen, creating something new, translating my passion onto a plate, every day. I have pulled long shifts of over 16 hours and still managed to love it. ( As this was something many people felt to warn me about)

These are the american schools I have shortlisted ( on a recent trip, I really enjoyed the diversity in American food; both comfort and fine dining).
1- CIA
2-Kendall College
5-Johnson & Wales
6- Escoffier
7-Le Notre
8-Monroe College
9- Newbury

I am an international student so my obvious choice would be to prefer a school that gives out grants to international students. If anyone knows of any external grants I can apply to please feel free to share, as most schools only award very modest grants to international students.

I am open to applying to Europe and Australia as well, for which I have short listed the following:

1- Leiths
2- Le Cordon ( London) (NZ) (AUS)
3- Ducasse
4- Ferrandi
5- Dublin Institute of Technology

I have also shortlisted two courses in gastronomy:

1- Boston University
2- AUT ( NZ)
3- SOAS ( Food Anthropology)

If anyone has been to any of these schools and could guide or share their experience please do.
Additionally if you have been to a school I haven't listen, please do recommend. I am open to applying to a good school in other countries/ locations as well. I just want to know that my money is well spent on a good degree which will place me at a good internship etc.

I am so confused and super stressed as I keep researching even more.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you!
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