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Advice on first knife set for home cooking

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I am looking forward buying a knife set for a home cooking passionate. I want something that is quite easy to maintain so I would prefer stainless. I have some experience with knife sharpening already.
The main usage would be different kinds of meat (rarely fish) hard and soft veggies, a lot of chopping. I am considering getting 210mm chefs knife, pairing and utility. Is it worth adding santoku to this set? I like having the santoku option but in the end they have similar usage for my needs and usually I am picking one or the other depending if I want longer or shorter blade.

Right now I am considering Masahiro BWH series, Tojiro Zen and Tamahagane San.
I prefer round handles of Tojiro and Tamahagane, but western handle of Masahiro is not a big issue for me. I am a bit scared of Tamahagane being carbon core - does it make it harder to maintain/more rusty? Tojiro is a bit out of budget and everywhere around me chefs 210mm is out of stock for now. What I like in Masahiro is that it has dimpled versions of santoku and chefs.
Which of the sets would you recommend for me.
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If you got the chance:
Go to a store that stocks them and feel how they fit your hands!
Everyone is different ;)
Other thannthe above: I can't add too much. Chef's knife for sure, pairing knife for sure....
Maybe start with those and then find out if you feel like you are missing something.
I use chef knives for almost everything
Yeah i already did that. Thats why I said that I prefer round handles, but Masahiro's was fitting well also. I am leaning towards Tojiro Zen but then I need to wait for 210 chef's restock which is not a big issue . My question is more about steel quality and price/quality value. Are all these knives more or less just as good, or one brand is better than others? Is Tamahagane's carbon core in stainless clad harder to maintain? or its basically just stainless just like VG10?
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